Monsaraz village

Vila De Monsaraz

The village of Monsaraz, still surrounded by its medieval walls, stands on rocky escarpment dominating a vast region that includes Guadiana valley and the Alqueva reservoir, in the Alentejo.
It is one of the most beautiful villages of Portugal for its whitewashed houses, shale streets, walls and castle.

From Monsaraz it is possible to see a large part of the plains of Alentejo, now covered by water because of the Alqueva dam construction that transformed the landscape and gave rise to one of the largest lakes in Europe.

Other places to visit

Monsaraz Castle
Lake Alqueva
Church of Santa Maria da Lagoa
Hermitage of Santa Catarina
Convento da Orada
Fluvial Beach of Monsaraz
Tower of the Esporão
Cromeleque do Xerez
Pottery of São Pedro do Corval