Tower of the Esporão

Torre Do Esporao

The first references to Herdade do Esporão, located in the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz date back to the thirteenth century, when the property was in the possession of D. João Peres de Aboim, lord of Portel and advisor to D. Afonso III.
Built on the family's landlord, it had the great purpose of extolling his lineage and his new social condition that was on the rise.

With a quadrangular shape, the tower is divided into three registers with fenestration on the upper floors, symmetrically harmonized. The main façade, a staircase was built on an arch. Currently, we can visit, on the ground floor of the Tower, the Archaeological Museum, which exhibits several many findings of the Spur and parts of the Archaeological Complex of Perdigões.

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